Top Job Croupier

Within the hierarchy of a casino there are various activities and various opportunities for advancement: temporary staff, croupier, table manager, deputy hall manager, hall manager, technical manager, director …

Whether at blackjack or poker table, the official status that every beginner has is that of a temporary help, As a rule, this period lasts over 2 years. Then it is decided whether you have a contract as a permanent employee. Those who successfully take this crucial step will now be intensively prepared for their use as a croupier in baccarat and roulette through further training.

Its use and the other opportunities for advancement at the individual tables then only depend on its personal performance. The better he convinces in his daily presentation (a special value is placed on his sensitivity in dealing with the players, serenity, self-confidence, authority), the greater his potential for a career advancement. Nevertheless, you have to take into account that 25 to 30 years can easily pass between joining as a temporary worker and being promoted to a room manager . Don’t let that put you off. It can succeed, because every room manager started out as a croupier.

The croupiers’ salary used to be paid exclusively from tips. All tips are collected in the so-called Tronc, calculated at the end of the month according to a defined distribution key and paid out to the employees in the casino. Due to the fact that the overall casino visitors have become stingy , these tips are no longer sufficient to pay all employees in the casino, and the casino has to increase its salaries from its own sources. A fact that leads to restructuring in the casinos. Among other things, the luxurious, personnel-intensive French roulette tables are disappearing and are being replaced by American roulette tables.

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